Guangzhou Horse Farm Plot Renovation Planning Project

Release date:2023-05-17 18:19:53


Project profile

(1) Location

The reconstruction (horse farm) project is located in the southeast of Shipai Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, which belongs to the northeast corner of BAD Central Business District, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, and is located in the eastern area of downtown of Guangzhou New Central Axis, at the intersection of Huangpu Avenue and South China Express Line, two main roads in downtown Guangzhou. The west of the project is the core area of the CBD Central Business District of the Pearl River New Area, and the east is the west area of Guangzhou Golden Song City. Across the river is Haizhu District Wuzhou Exhibition and economic innovation business district. 5 km away from Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Municipal government, and Zhujiang Park across a north-south horse Chang Road.

(2) The scope of renovation

Please refer to the red line map for the renovation and renovation of the horse farm plot (Shipai Village, Tianhe District). The area is from Cun Road in the east, Huacheng Avenue in the south, Machang Road in the west, and Huangpu Avenue in the north, and is close to Licun Station and Machang Station of Metro Line 5. The width is about 400 meters from east to west, and the length is about 900 meters from north to south, and the area is about 39.42 kilometers (576 mu). Current construction area of about 300,000 square meters (based on the actual test data), mainly for catering, hotels, building materials furniture and other low-end business, and its empty form and industrial layout and the overall development of the Zhujiang New City built-up area do not match, disharmonious, a serious waste of resources.

(3) The building layout plan and its control regulations

The main planning of floor control regulations within the scope: the whole foundation pit depth is 40 meters within the building area, the construction of a large complex with 8 floors underground (5 meters high) and 8 floors above ground (8 meters high), 9 floors as a large platform, and an international hotel office building with 108 floors above ground and 448 meters high above 10 floors. Two international apartment buildings with 88 floors on the ground and 328 meters high, and 42 fourth-generation buildings are arranged on the large platform