Guangzhou Shihu Village Automobile Industrial Park Project

Release date:2023-06-02 15:49:16


I. Project introduction

(1) Plot introduction

Shihu Economic Association Village is located in Dayuan Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, a large industrial cluster within the planned 1650 acres of Shihu intelligent supply chain headquarters. The plot is located in Shihu District, 18 km to the south from Guangzhou city center, 8 km to the north from Baiyun International Airport, 1.5 km to the north from Taihe Metro Line 14, 1.1 km to the south from Xialiang Metro Line 14, with Chentai Road in the east and Xinguangcong Highway in the west.

(2) Industrial positioning

According to the industrial function layout plan of Baiyun District, this area is an industrial economic park, and the project is now proposed as the intelligent automobile industry + automobile industry headquarters economic industrial park project.